So what have I been up to?

Alright, it has definitely been a while since my last post. So, lets catch up. I have been working on making at sort of writing machine as one of the three electromechanical interactive sculptural installations. While the other two are not exactly planned out, all of the works are stemming from elements or themes of my day-to-day life. I realize that can be a pretty generalized term, so I have looked within that overarching concept for categories to narrow down to. From there I realized a key theme for at least one of the pieces. The intended theme of this piece is one step forward two steps back. This is something that has relentlessly haunted my life. It often seems like I will never be able to get out of the whole I am in or get ahead of money troubles. With that being said, this piece takes on that theme of stepping forward and backward and ties it tightly to the money aspect of that theme by utilizing paper in a receipt format. The viewer/participant  will come up to an apparatus that is connected to a pen and sign their name. The tablet they are signing on will remain blank and the output of their signature will be in a different location, establishing an awkward disconnect between the person and the signature. Simply put, one could say this is a glorified credit card machine. In addition, the spool of paper being used is thermal paper and will be written on using a glow plug from a diesel engine. So, what does all of this have to do with one step forward and two steps back? Now it seems to deal more with consumerism than stepping forward or back.  Hmm this is where I am at. Thinking and brainstorming.

Below is some of the ideation process including images of models and sketches as well as a short movie clip of an early prototype.

The idea behind the receipt scroll is that as the paper unravels from a spool, it erases the text on the side of it. The text will contain words and phrases from my day-to-day life. As one spool is erased, the other winds back up with the same text as if nothing has changed.

Copy and paste link to demo video available here—>


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