What else?

My profs and GSIs may not realize it, but I have been burning the candle at both ends. Not only am I preparing for where I want my work to be shown- I am compiling and designing a website for it to go in as well. I recently decided to teach myself Dreamweaver and while it has been difficult and time-consuming, I have nevertheless made progress in it. I have an idea of how I want the site to look and know exactly how people will navigate through it, but the tough part has been getting the navigation to come through in the coding. What I was looking for all along was the sleek but  somewhat typical “lightbox” setup, where  someone can stay on the same page and just enlarge photos of work. I was able to get three versions i liked for different reasons up and running. I think I came to a conclusion with which one I will be using.

I was thinking something like the backside of an object like the one below would be the front page and a user would click on a lable/object and it would take them to the next page.

This was another option. I could recreate this sort of circuity pattern.

Lastly I have three links below  for the different lightbox navigation setups. I think I will be going with the third because of its features and movie support. Copy and paste them into the browser.


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